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Cinchcast Launches to Provide Businesses with Audio Publishing and Management Solutions

Cinchcast provides simple, cost-effective way for companies to create engaging, social, highly monetizable, audio content

New York, NY: June 23, 2011 – Today Cinchcast, a company that provides solutions that allow businesses to create, share, measure and monetize audio content, launched a cloud-based platform that enables companies to leverage high-quality, engaging audio for their marketing and communication needs.

Cinchcast technology has been successfully powering BlogTalkRadio since 2006. With the Cinchcast company launch, the audio management platform now provides a simple, efficient way for online publishers, advertising and digital media agencies, corporate marketers and public relations professionals to incorporate audio into their online content strategies. Users can create engaging marketing campaigns and scalable channels of monetizable media powered by compelling, multi-dimensional audio content. Using any type of phone and web browser, Cinchcast clients can create live and archived content that can be shared on any web property, mobile device and via social media with one touch. The content can be public facing or reside in a secure manner behind a firewall.

The Cinchcast Platform
The Cinchcast platform features a comprehensive studio, content management and reporting dashboard, and easy-to-embed customizable players. With the platform, companies have all the tools they need to create, share, monetize and measure the effectiveness of their branded audio content.

Creating Audio
With the Cinchcast studio, businesses can create content through an easy-to-use interface, which provides the ability to stream and record live audio, store and play media clips in real-time, and take and moderate live calls. The Cinchcast audio management system provides an easy way for businesses to broadcast and record high-quality audio content, without the cost, time, and logistical burdens of traditional audio recording. Unlike other audio recording tools, the studio does not require downloads or specialized recording hardware. Instead, users connect to the studio using a landline phone, mobile phone, mobile application, or computer to broadcast and record audio. The platform supports single as well as multi-party audio recording. Audio can be streamed live or archived for on-demand use.

Sharing Audio

Cinchcast’s customizable players enable companies to incorporate live and recorded audio content into any online experience, in front of or behind the firewall. Robust RSS feed generation allows for easy integration with existing content management systems. Companies can leverage Cinchcast’s built-in distribution capabilities and social media sharing to broaden the reach of the communication.

Measuring Audio
The Cinchcast platform also includes reporting and analytics that allow clients to measure the ROI of their audio initiatives. Cinchcast’s reporting dashboard helps clients to evaluate content performance, understand how users are consuming content, and monitor key performance indicators like traffic, listen time and referral sources.

Monetizing Audio
The Cinchcast platform empowers businesses to easily create audio content at scale, leading to increased traffic, engagement and revenue opportunities. Cinchcast’s embeddable audio player is capable of hosting audio, video and banner advertising and can integrate with existing ad serving technology or connect to third party ad networks, creating more highly monetizable digital media.

Some of the ways in which companies can leverage the Cinchcast platform to support their content and communications strategies include live call-in talk shows, lead generation campaigns, branded content channels, interactive town hall meetings, live event broadcasts, press rooms, and internal online training.

In addition to the Cinchcast technology platform, clients can also make use of Cinchcast’s suite of professional services, including content strategy, production, training, talent management, promotion, and transcription services, making Cinchcast an end-to-end audio management solution.

“Cinchcast has been the force behind BlogTalkRadio for 5 years. Now with more than 2 million audio events produced, we’re making the standalone technology available to companies to help support their content and communications strategies with engaging audio content,” said Alan Levy, Chairman and CEO, Cinchcast. ”For either internal or external use, Cinchcast helps clients reach and interact with the people who are most important to their businesses.”

The Cinchcast platform is available now. Cinchcast works with companies to create customized audio solutions specifically tailored to meet unique marketing, content, and communications goals. Prospective clients can reach out to Cinchcast online at http://www.cinchcast.com/contact/ to begin a conversation.

About Cinchcast
Cinchcast was developed as the answer to an increasing demand from businesses for a simple solution to produce and share original audio content. Headquartered in New York City, Cinchcast powers audio content strategies for companies such as United Business Media, Business Insider, SAP and Sears, and is the technology behind BlogTalkRadio. For more information, please visit www.cinchcast.com.

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