January 2013

NodeJS v0.8.16 on CentOS

by Danny Gershman (Principal Engineer) @dannygnc

CentOS is the Linux distro of choice with many developers because of its community support and stability. It’s based on the Red Hat kernel and is one of the most popular distros for web servers.

One downside of this, is less support for working with bleeding edge packages. CentOS maintains its stability by not releasing rpm packages before running them through a gambit of testing. Updates are less frequent in order to prevent breaking dependencies. This lack of dependency control makes installing bleeding edge software more complex.

In contrast, Ubuntu or Fedora you would be able to do an apt-get or yum and package management would know what latest dependencies are needed. Thus there is no need to do anything special to work with bleeding edge installs.

Cinchcast depends on Node.js and its continual updates. To make working with the bleeding edge of Node on Centos easier, I’ve written a script that will build the main dependency for Python 2.7 with bzip2 support and then compile the nodejs code from source.

# retrieve
curl https://gist.github.com/4348083/download > centos5.8-upgrade-nodejs0.8.16.tar.gz
# extract
tar -xvf centos5.8-upgrade-nodejs0.8.16.tar.gz --strip 1
# prepare
chmod 744 centos5.8-upgrade-nodejs0.8.16.sh
# execute
sudo ./centos5.8-upgrade-nodejs0.8.16.sh
# cleanup
sudo rm -r bzip2-1.0.6* centos5.8-upgrade-nodejs0.8.16* Python-2.7*

Once you are done, run this command:

node --version

This should return the appropriate nodejs version. In this case the version is v0.8.16.

You can view the script or fork it here if you are interested:https://gist.github.com/4348083

Employee Engagement Expert, Kevin Kruse, Live on The ConVo: 1pm ET

Employee engagement can be a powerful factor in business success. Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, and profit-generating. They are also easier for a company to retain. To help you enhance your employee engagement efforts in 2013, we invite you to join us today for an interactive discussion on how to effectively drive employee engage with human capital expert and best selling author, Kevin Kruse.

Here are the event details:

January 9, 2013 / 1pm ET
Kevin Kruse, NY Times bestselling author and expert on driving employee engagement
Register Now

All live audio broadcasts and recorded episodes of The ConVo will be available at: http://cinchcast.com/the-convo/.

New interviews will be added to this agenda on an ongoing basis, so check back often.


Start the New Year with Networking Advice from a Pro

Cinchcast is sponsoring a webcast next week with the Institute for Supply Chain Management. The title of the event is “Networking for Professionals: A Recipe for Success.” Since the topic of this event is valuable to any professional, regardless of your role, we wanted to share it with you and invite you to join us.

The beginning a new year is always a good time for reflecting and goal setting. Networking, for the purpose of connecting with professionals, is a valuable skill that should make it to the top of any New Year’s list.

While there is a lot of information out there around networking and how to do it, this presentation is developed and designed for professionals who have difficultly networking, but understand that it is crucial to their careers.

Join us on Thursday as presenter Elizabeth Lions, author, executive coach and speaker, gives practical tips and tricks on networking that attendees can use immediately. Join us for a presentation that Elizabeth has given to audiences across the country with rave reviews.

Here are the event details:

Date: Thursday Jan. 17, 2013
Time: 12-Noon (Eastern Time)
Cost: FREE
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The event is also being streamed leveraging the Cinchcast Connect Platform, so this would be a great opportunity to check it out.

We hope you can join us!

How to Increase Attendance and Engagement at Your Next Employee Town Hall Meeting with Cloud-based Technology

Town hall meetings provide an excellent forum for senior leaders to keep employees informed, engaged and in sync with the company’s business goals. They are also a great way to surface difficult issues and discuss them in a focused, constructive way.

In most global organizations, town hall meetings consist of a face-to-face and virtual component. The choices an organization makes regarding how to manage the virtual aspects of these important event-based communication can make a big difference in the efforts success.

Often times arranging for remote participation at your town hall is more time consuming and expensive than it needs to be.  Cinchcast’s cloud-based conferencing and webcasting platform can help you streamline the production of your next employee town hall, while reducing your event costs and increasing attendance and engagement.

Here’s How

Cinchcast can enhance your next town hall in the following ways:

Provide Options and Remove Barriers to Participation
By making it easier for employees to participate and interact in your next town hall, Cinchcast can help you maximize event attendance and engagement for your events. Cinchcast offers multiple options for live participation and on-demand consumption on the phone, online or on the go. No special software or plug-ins are needed to stream the event online.

And Cinchcast’s unique Universal PIN Code feature, simplifies the way participants can enter calls. With unique PIN Codes event participants do not have to wait on hold to be screened by operators prior to events. And, when registered participants join a call, their registration information is automatically available in the Cinchcast Connect Studio Switchboard. This can help you effectively manage live Q&A and improve event attendance tracking and reporting. In addition, once an employee has participated in an event on the Cinchcast platform, their unique PIN code will always be the same for future events.

Streamline Q&A Management
Town halls provide a great forum for leaders to share information and answer questions.  It has been proven that employees who feel they are taken seriously, respected and trusted by leadership, are more engaged, productive, and loyal to organizations. Town halls provide a forum for dialogue to help support this.

With Cinchcast’s browser-based solution, you can easily facilitate Q&A with remote town hall attendees. You can screen callers and bring them live with questions or take notes regarding their question for the moderator without expensive operators. It can all be done from one easy to use online switchboard.

Provide Visuals without Bandwidth Challenges
Providing visuals (presentations, images, etc.) to support your meeting can be very helpful in driving engagement during your town hall. Cinchcast has focused its solution on giving enterprise customers complete control over their event experience in one solution. Clients have everything they need for their town hall — the conference bridge, Q&A management console, slides, and online event stream; in one integrated, cloud-based solution.

Sharing slides and pre-recorded media files is all just a click away and easy for even the “non-techy” call host. And, Cinchcast solutions removes bandwidth concerns often associated with alternative streaming solutions.

Communicate More for Less
By leveraging cloud-based technology, you’re not just simplifying the production of your town hall meeting; you’re saving time and reducing the cost of the event. With potential cost savings of up to 50%, you can redirect time, funds, and resources into providing more opportunities to enhance overall employee communication and engagement with these types of interactive forums.

Upcoming Event on Employee Engagement
This week (1/9 at 1pm ET) on Cinchcast’s webcast series, The ConVo, we’ll be talking more about how to effectively drive employee engagement with Kevin Kruse, NY Times bestselling author of Employee Engagement 2.0 and an expert on creating engaged teams. For more information or to register for this event please visit The ConVo.