November 2012

Cinchcast featured on VentureBeat

Cinchcast’s approach to leveraging the cloud to scale large, self-serve conference calls was recently featured on VentureBeat. Read the complete article by clicking the image below.

Cinchcast Featured on NYC-based Enterprise Start-ups to Watch

Cinchcast was recently featured as number three on a list of 15 NYC-based enterprise start-ups to watch. Click on the image below to read the complete article.

Interview with Alan Levy, Cinchcast CEO, on Game Changers

Our CEO, Alan Levy, was recently interviewed for the Game Changers newsletter. Read the complete interview.

Live Event Broadcast from BDI Financial Services Social Communications 2012

The Financial Services Social Communications 2012 event will explore how leading financial institutions are embracing social media and marketing to achieve business goals despite the regulated environment.

300+ senior marketing, communications, and financial services leaders are joining together in New York to attend the half-day conference to hear case studies by representatives from Actiance, Ameriprise Financial, Adobe, Calvert Investments, Citi, and Jive Software.

This event will be streaming live all day here. And, for those who can’t make it the archives will be available here for later viewing.

4 Ways to Improve Your Event-Based Communications and Save Money in 2013

As you think about and plan for your communications in 2013, we wanted to share with you some ways that Cinchcast’s patented solution for enterprise conference calls and webcasts can help.

Here are 4 simple ways you can improve your events and save time and money in 2013 with Cinchcast Connect:

1 Simplify Scheduling
Gone are the days of multiple emails and phone calls with your providers to reserve ports and secure technology for your event. With Cinchcast Connect, you can self-provision and manage your conference calls and webcasts from a streamlined management console. With one click, you now have the ability to launch events for thousands of participants.

2 Enhance Participant Experience and Engagement
By making it easier for attendees to participate and interact, Cinchcast can help you maximize audience attendance and engagement for your events. Cinchcast offers multiple options for live participation and on-demand consumption on the phone, online or on the go.

And our unique Universal PIN Code feature, has greatly simplified the way participants can enter calls. With unique PIN Codes event participants do not have to wait on hold to be screened by operators prior to events. And, when registered participants join a call, their registration information is automatically available in the Cinchcast Connect Studio Switchboard. This can help you effectively manage live Q&A and improve the data quality on information for call participants, as data is no longer subject to the interpretation and transcription of third-party operators.

In addition, for users who may attend multiple corporate events (Employee Town Halls, Team Meetings, Earnings /Analyst Calls), once an individual has registered on the Cinchcast platform, their unique PIN code will always be the same.

3 Streamline Call Management and Moderation:
Cinchcast Connect gives enterprise customers more control over their event experience and event-related expenses. In one browser-based solution, clients have everything they need for their live or recorded event. The conference bridge, Q&A management console, slides, and online event stream; it’s all integrated.

And managing live calls is a piece of cake with Cinchcast’s easy-to-use interface. Sharing slides, managing live Q&A, sharing pre-recorded media files, it’s all just a click away and easy for even the “non-techy” call host. By giving you more control we help you save time and avoid the egregious expense associated with operator-assisted events.

4 Communicate More with Less
By leveraging cloud-based technology, you’re not just simplifying your communications; you’re saving time and reducing the cost of communications. This approach can result in cost savings of up to 50% on your conference calls and webcast. This means that you can redirect time, funds, and resources into new programs or approaches, like that project you have not been able to find budget for.

If you’re interested in finding out how Cinchcast’s cloud-based platform might help you enhance your internal and external communications in 2013, contact us today. We’d love to help.